A bookmark manager that
you will actually use

Manage the boundless stream of information with ease. This bookmark manager is like a well-tended garden, allowing you to enjoy the finest content from the internet, rather than becoming a void where links fade into oblivion.

maktaba app screenshot

Features list

Here is a list of features we have implimented already or we are currently considering. We would love to hear your feedback as we shape the service.

Keep a copy of the content

Link rot is real. According to this research a whopping 72 percent of links from 1998 were dead. Content you like deserves a permanent home.

Auto keywords extraction

Don’t add keywords manually. We went to the moon, we should be able to extract keywords for you automatically.

Powerful metadata retrieval and search

It’s not enough to extract metadata like author name, number of views/likes, Date published, and number of stars. The powerful search allow you to filter buy and combination of these attributes

Full text search

Sometimes, you just remember a vague word from an article. With full text search, you can find exactly what you are looking for, from within the core of the content or from the extracted metadata. Yes, even that link from five or ten years ago

Capture from anywhere

Send links from your browser, mobile phone, or by email. Knowledge capture should be quick and effortless.

Read on your own terms

It’s not always convenient to stop whatever you are doing when you find an interesting content online to consume that content. That’s why we send you a weekly mailing list with the content that you haven’t read yet so you can consume it when at your own time as text or in audio format.

The story

Have you ever felt frustrated when you can't find those old bookmarks you saved? It's like they vanish into thin air, and it drives me crazy! And don't even get me started on links disappearing and valuable content going offline. It's such a bummer, especially when it includes valuable videos or audios like podcasts.

I found myself longing for a platform where I could easily bookmark stuff and receive a weekly email reminder to read it at my convenience. Sometimes, life gets busy, and it's not always possible to dive into things right away. That's why having a gentle nudge to revisit saved articles is so helpful. Plus, I love being able to go back and rediscover great pieces from the past while decluttering outdated content.

One thing that really grinds my gears is manually adding tags. Seriously, we went to the moon, we should be able to extract tags automatically. And why stop there? I want to extract as much details as possible, stuff like author name, publish date, likes count, and content summary. More details means easier search and extraction later.

Yeah, let's talk about search. I wanted a robust full-text search capabilities and the ability to search by tags, just like how Gmail search works. No more struggling to locate that one crucial resource amidst the clutter!

I tried a few tools out there, but none of them quite hit the mark. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and build a solution that meets all these requirements. Currently, I'm using it myself, but it's not quite ready to be publicly shared. However, I'm opening up a beta wait list for those who are interested in this idea and want to give it a try.

Frequently asked questions

This project is in early stages. The team behind it is currently using it on a daily basis. We are collecting community feedback and we will start rolling out an invite only Beta users in the coming weeks